Comprehensive, research based, accessible dental hygiene care for the people of Barry's Bay and surrounding area.

Our main focus is preventative oral health care.

Stress-free Dental Hygiene and Oral Health Service

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At the Barry's Bay Dental Hygiene Clinic we are dedicated to providing comfortable dental hygiene services in a modern relaxing atmosphere. Our staff are willing to make your appointment as stress free as possible. We are able to spend extra time for those who have dental phobias, to explain procedures and allow time for relaxation techniques.


Our most popular services include

  • dental debridements/teeth cleaning
  • oral cancer screenings
  • custom mouthguards or sportsguards
  • custom teeth whitening

Other topics that may be addressed on an individualized basis include diet counseling, tobacco cessation, gum disease, periodontitis, or need for referral.



Wooden carving of beaver with large white front teeth and a toothbrush


Your First Visit

We recommend that all clients have a 'new client assessment' on their first visit. This assessment includes:

  • a thorough medical and dental assessment to ensure that dental hygiene treatment will be effective and safe
  • oral cancer screening and Velscope exam to ensure that all oral tissues are normal and healthy
  • plaque and gingival indices to ensure that your homecare is adequate, and to enable us to take a closer look at the different areas in your mouth
  • an odontogram will be completed to allow us to mark down everything in your mouth and assess the overall condition of your mouth
  • a periodontal assessment to check for gum disease, which has been linked to overall health problems like heart disease and stroke.

After this assessment there is always something to talk about so we will sit you up and explain everything that we have found. Then we will complete your debridement/cleaning.

Note: The 'new client assessment' is only completed on your first visit to the office. From this point we have a baseline and can track your oral health to ensure that everything stays stable.


Wooden carving of beaver with large white front teeth and a toothbrush

What Makes Our Oral Cancer Screening Different?

In our office we have invested in a state-of-the-art oral cancer screening machine called the Velscope - a specialized light that uses tissue excitation. In a nutshell, it uses a blue light that allows us to see the first layer of tissue in the mouth (the basement membrane). This way we can ensure that the tissue in your mouth is normal and healthy. Anything that is unhealthy shows up as a big black spot. If we find one of these black spots we send you to a specialist to have it checked out.

Contact Us

The Barry's Bay Dental Hygiene Clinic
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Phone: 613-75MOUTH (613-756-6884)
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Office Hours

Monday 9am-5pm
Tuesday 11am-7pm
Wednesday 9am-5pm
Thursday 11am-7pm
Friday 9am-2pm


Wooden carving of beaver with large white front teeth and a toothbrush

Meet Marcia Rutledge RDH

Marcia grew up in McArthurs Mills. When it was time for college she moved to the big smoke of Toronto to attend Regency Dental Hygiene Academy Inc. where she received her diploma. After college she moved home for a few short months and worked part time dental reception and part time dental hygiene in Bancroft before moving to Campbellford where she worked full time as a dental hygienist for three years. During her full time work in Campbellford she completed continuing education to allow her to work independently at her own dental hygiene clinic. From there Marcia set her sights on an area closer to her home town. Barry's Bay caught her eye because of it's small town hospitality and the need for better access to dental hygiene services. After buying the old meat market, tearing it down, and building the new dental hygiene clinic in it's place, Marcia has now made herself at home in Barry's Bay.


Our office has a privacy policy to ensure that you and your information are kept safe. If at anytime you would like to review our policy please just ask.

Accepted Payments

Cash, debit, cheque, VISA, Mastercard, and American Express.
We also accept private dental insurance benefits and we will do
the paperwork and send it to the insurance company for you!


We look forward to meeting you and addressing your oral health needs.

Everyone is Welcome!

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